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Silicone Hair Scalp Massager


  • Do You Want A Massage While Oiling You Hair? Then This Silicone Scalp Massage Brush Is Just For You!Having luscious hair is a person’s crown and glory. It frames your face, makes you more attractive, and defines your personality. So keeping it healthy and glowing is a must.Your hair is dull and lifeless and the idea of an oil massage makes you feel good. So you prepare the things you need. You oil your palms, apply it on your hair and try to hopelessly massage with your tired fingers. Your expectations were not met and you are left with oily flat hair and exhausted fingers. You thought of a plan and used this Silicone Scalp Massage Brush and run it through your hair. Your scalp tension is relieved and you seem to be loosening up on the stress, and the best part, it helps your scalp absorb the oil and evenly distributes it! Feel your hair gaining volume now? Here’s more:
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN STIMULATES SCALP DEEP RELAXATION and HELPS REDUCE STRESS PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH. This increases blood circulation and metabolism and promotes hair growth.
    • It eases muscle tension and tiredness, relaxes you from stress, and gives you the feeling of being at the spa.
    •  EASY TO HOLD and HELP HAIR ABSORB NUTRIENTS.The rabbit holder design allows you to massage without this slipping from your hands. Its anti-microbial bristles are ideal for stimulating absorption of healthy oil and nutrients.
    • ITS WATERPROOF DESIGN makes it suitable for you to use until after showering. This also avoids bacteria build-up in the brush.
    • SCALP CLEAN DANDRUFF CONTROL HELPS LIFTING AWAY DIRT and DEAD SKIN CELLS REDUCE SCALP ITCH.This enhanced scalp massager cleans and exfoliates gently lifting away dead skin cells.It will help deliver shampoo efficiently even on the thickest hair, helps break up and lift away dead skin cells, dirt, and oil that collects in the hair over time. It will remove and prevent collections of shampoo residue, which can leave your hair dull and lifeless.
  • Compact and ergonomically designed,It has an ingenious gripping handle which fits between your fingers for enhanced grip, even when wet.
  • Soft Silicone Brush Pin: Made of high quality and durable ABS & silicone. Avoid contacting the scalp directly with the nail. Reduce bacteria and imitate scratching the scalp. And Multi comb convex point design, so that full contact with the hair shampoo,deep clean.
  • The perfect brush for distributing shampoo and conditioner through your hair. It also stimulates the scalp and hair shaft,Helps strenghten the roots of the hair, making hair feel fuller.
  • Promote Blood Circulation:With soft rubber bristles, Gently stimulates your scalp to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Groove scalp massaging shampoo brush relieves tension and promotes a good sleep.
  • Detachable, easy to clean. Not only Shampoo Brush can be use wash people’s hair, but also clean on pet(dog shampoo brush)


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