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Sunny Isle Pure Chebe Extreme Hydrating Conditioner 12oz


Introducing the Sunny Isle Pure Chebe Extreme Hydrating Conditioner, a luxurious hair care solution that will transform your hair care routine. This 12oz conditioner is enriched with the powerful combination of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Pure African Chebe Powder, creating a anti-breakage formula that promotes strong, healthy, and beautifully hydrated hair. Our Chebe powder is made the traditional way and is consistently sourced from Chad, Africa. Our 100% pure and natural Jamaican black castor oil is also produced in the Jamaican tradition to ensure the highest quality oil for natural hair growth.


  • Infused with Chadian Chebe Powder
  • Infused with Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Anti-Breakage, Damage Reversal and Growth Formula
  • Improves hair texture and strength.
  • Great for color-treated hair.
  • Adds Volume and Strengthens.
  • Helps with itchy, dry scalp.
  • Stimulates Hair Growth
  • All Hair Types


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