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The Mane Choice Kid POW! Conditioner


The Mane Choice’s POW! Conditioner provides a powerful dose of moisture to parched strands.  The POW! (products obsessively working) Conditioner is super slippy and packed with ingredients to both seal cuticles and leave hair more manageable and extra shiny.

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    • Eases Detangling: POW! Conditioner makes detangling easier and faster. The creamy formula goes on smoothly to infuse each strand with a combination of ingredients that work to preserve hair health and growth.
    • Healthy Hair: Works to keep hair healthy with an infusion of angelica root.  Angelica root boosts circulation of the scalp to regenerate damaged hair cells.
    • Moisture Retention: Plantain extract leaves hair hydrated and soft providing the perfect canvas for styles that stand out.
    • Shinier Hair: This conditioner helps to seal cuticles leaving hair more manageable and extra shiny.
    • Stronger Hair: With continued use, this conditioner works to make a POWerful impact on the hair’s overall strength thanks to an infusion of cinnamon bark.


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