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Sandalwood‎ Wooden‎ Wide‎ tooth‎ Comb Small


Sandalwood has a long-lasting distinctive soft warm precious-wood fragrance.

The natural soothing fragrance of sandalwood has the effect to calm the nerves and relieve stress.

– Made with natural sandalwood,  they never discharge static during usage.

Add natural soothing fragrance to your hair and relieve stress.

– Sandalwood is believed to be able to exorcise evil and purify souls.


Preservations:- Do not drop sandalwood combs on hard floors (like concrete floor, tile floor etc) or collide them with other hard objects.

– Do not soak sandalwood combs in water especially hot water for a long time. If you have to wash them, remember to wipe them dry with a cotton towel afterwards.

– Do not put sandalwood combs in strong light or high temperature. Keep them away from fireplaces and ovens especially.

– The sandalwood resin may condense into crystal substance like fuzz on the surface of the sandalwood comb. You can easily dust the crystal substance off or wipe it from the surface with a cotton towel.

– A small amount of olive oil can be used to maintain sandalwood combs smooth and shiny.

  • ⁣Anti-static‎ -‎ less‎ frizz‎ and‎ prevent‎ hair‎ breakage‎ from‎ static.
  • ⁣Help‎ Stimulate‎ Scalp‎ and‎ Promote‎ Hair‎ Health.
  • The‎ natural‎ wooden‎ fibers‎ in‎ Sandalwood‎ combs‎ work‎ great‎ to‎ condition‎ your‎ hair.
  • ⁣If‎ you’re‎ using‎ a‎ natural‎ hair‎ oil,‎ Sandalwood‎ comb‎ distributes‎ oils‎ more‎ evenly‎ throughout‎ hair‎ to‎ end‎ than‎ plastic‎ ones,‎ giving‎ your‎ hair‎ a‎ shiny‎ and‎ lustrous‎ look.
  • ⁣It‎ will‎ blend‎ with‎ the‎ oils‎ in‎ the‎ wood,‎ making‎ a‎ wonderful,‎ nourishing‎ cocktail‎ of‎ goodness‎ for‎ your‎ locks

Size – 20.5*5.3


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