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Moco De Gorilla Earwax Gel 3.52oz


The all new GORILLA EARWAX- Wet Look Spider web effect wax has the strength of a Gorilla and the durability of a Spider Web for your hairdo. With this new product you’ll be helping keep Gorillas ears free of Earwax, while creating the best hairstyle that will last all day long, without any residues left.

Directions: Apply the desired amount in your hand, rub it 10 to 15 times, clap your hands gently to create the web, apply to hair and style in a cool way.

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  • This 3.52 Ounce Jar contains Natural Ingredients to create an Extreme Wet Hair Styling Gel that smells like California Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint.
  • Moco de Gorila presents their Gorilla Earwax Wet Effect putty that helps give your hair a cooler texture so that everyone will say Wow what a good hairstyle.
  • If your thing is the gel, then Moco de Gorila has found the perfect solution for you. Gorilla Earwax Gel blends all-natural ingredients to allow you to transform your hair into ultimate wet look.
  • Gorilla Earwax Wet Effect by Moco de Gorila can be easily reactivated with water and re-establish maximum fixation to Style your Hair and be looking fine allay long.
  • This Extra Wet Look Hairstyling Gel has an amazing Lemon and Lavender scent and reaches a level of 6 on the Hold Meter. Moco de Gorila Earwax Wet Effect is the best Hairstyling Gel for both Kids & Adults.


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