Moco de Gorila Punk Gorila Snot Gel 2.99 oz


Moco de Gorila Punk Squizz gel, better known as Gorilla Snot, keeps that way-out hair style way out all day long. Specifically formulated for extreme hair styles, Moco de Gorila Punk Squizz Hair Gel, in the yellow bottle, offers unparalleled hold. While not actually containing gorilla snot, Moco de Gorila Punk Squizz Hair gel gives a hair styles gorilla strength. Spiking or styling a messy look that lasts all day, while taking care not to damage hair, is not always easy. Moco de Gorila gel offers residue-free styling that actually protects the hair while providing an industrial-strength hold. This gel has become one of the favorite hair care accessories of professional hair stylists

  • Apply a portion of Snott Gorilla Gel on your fingers, and start styling
  • This gel it’s Strong like a gorilla
  • It has a hold Factor of 10 of 10
  • If you use a lot of Gorilla Snott, shampoo hair twice to completely remove
  • Extreme hold gel


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