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Flexible Detangling Hair Brush



Hair tools can cause damages especially when you apply enough force.

Save your hair with the Flexible Detangler Hair Brush with its unique soft brush head design that’s gentle on your hair strands!

The Flexible Detangler Hair Brush is perfect for all types of hair that need detangling in the safest way possible. It helps maintain long and thick hair while reducing the chance for breakage.

Soft Bristles With Split Brush Head

The split sections of the brush head effortlessly fan out, reducing tugging and pulling.

You avoid breakage and split ends this Brush.

Detangle In Any Direction

Brush vertically or horizontally with less stress on your hands.

It’s perfect for all hair types, especially 3a to 4c curly African-American locks.

Kid-Friendly Hair Brush

Your child will appreciate the painless detangling of matted hair at any time of the day!



  • Comfortable. enjoy the soft round-tipped bristles also massages your scalp
  • Easy To Use. just remove the bracket that holds the split brush head and use it as a normal hairbrush.
  • Quicker Cleanup. its design makes it easier to clean so you can get to all corners without forcefully prying the bristles.
  •  Lightweight. the brush is easy to wield because of its hollow body.
  • Versatile. use on dry hair with detangling spray or when in the shower with shampoo.


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