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Electric Scalp Massage


Electric Scalp Massager Waterproof Shampoo Brush Battery Operated Head Massage Brush Headache Stress Relieve Massager

The scalp massager stimulates blood circulation to your hair follicles which in turn promote hair growth,  promotes metabolism, distributes the natural oils of your hair which boosts shine and can help to control or even eliminate dandruff, gently cleanses and lightly exfoliates the scalp.

Ergonomics and lightweight. This scalp massager shape accords with ergonomic design, easy for you hold it.
It is so portable that you don’t feel any burden even if you hold it for a long time.
The flexible rubber tip made from soft TPR material, antibacterial, more comfortable, fit the head more closely and clean more thoroughly.
Suitable for wet and dry hair. You can use it when you take a bath, simply distribute a small amount of your favorite shampoo to your scalp and the roots of your hair and slowly move the massager over your entire scalp . You also can use it in dry hair for a simple scalp massage. 
Rinse after each use, ensuring that all shampoo suds and residue has been removed and make it dry completely.
Be gentle when using it. Even though the bristles are soft, don’t press down too hard or you may damage your hair stands and your scalp.
Do not submerge it in water directly.

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1. IPX7 waterproof, no effect after soaking in water for 30 minutes
2. Large battery capacity, long endurance
3. Three gear selection, automatic shutdown after ten minutes of continuous operation
4. Excellent material, moderate hardness and softness
5. Small size, easy to carry
6. Dry and wet, two in one decompression Shampoo



Material: ABS + TPR
Power: 3V
Battery type: 2 x AAA battery(Not included)
Size: 10.5*8.1cm(L*W)
Weight: 176g  
Color: Blue / Pink


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