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African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Detangling Shampoo 12 oz


The Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Detangling Shampoo creates incredibly slippery, soft tresses, which helps kinkier textures detangle with ease. The smoothing, nourishing ingredients combine to easily tame even the frizziest natural textures.

The smoothing ingredients of this product easily allow even the frizziest natural to achieve definition. Nourishing oils work to fuse groups of curls together during the finger-styling process, which gives off the appearance of one even, beautiful pattern.

How to use it

Wet hair thoroughly. Evenly massage into hair and scalp with fingertips. Rinse, repeat anstyle d as usual

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  • African shea butter and herbal oil extracts
  • Eliminate dryness
  • Enhances body, bounce and shine.
  • Sulfate-free
  • Detangle curls, kinky- Coils and waves
  • Rehydrate for improved manageability
  • Elongate and stretch natural curl pattern


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