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360 Mist Sprayer 500ml


Use the Salon Care 360 Mist Sprayer upright or upside down. This airless, propellant-free sprayer, sprays a fine mist and provides a continuous spray pattern. Easy to use, reusable and refillable. Availabe in 2 different sizes.

This sprayer dispenses 1.25 cc of product per second in a long continuous spray with each squeeze of the trigger.

360-degree feature makes your spray project completed easily and helps you reach any area at any angle. This trigger operates quietly with very low noise. Fine mist sprayer sprays evenly, perfectly each time and covers large area quickly.

This spray is designed to work with water-based liquids. Convenient sprayers makes your work done quicker for non-stopping application.

Best Uses: Hair care, pets and plants care, auto detailing, personal body care, art sprayer with watercolors.

From spraying your animals or plants or cooling your body after gym or sunny day on the beach to perfectly applying solution to your car or spraying water while ironing it makes any project just a spray away.

How to Open the Bottle: push down and twist.

How to Clean the Bottle and Sprayer: hand wash bottle with warm water and soap. Use lightly soapy water to go through trigger by squeezing it several times. Followed with clean water.

Using non water-based solutions may clog trigger. We recommend before applying any product to test each product for performance.

  • Provides a continuous spray pattern
  • Ships one sprayer in assorted colors
  • Propellant-free, airless sprayer
  • Reusable and refillable
  • Sprays fine mist
  • Continuous spray water bottle: it sprays without drips and covers large area quickly and easily
  • Misting spray bottle sprays water-based liquids evenly and perfectly every time on any surface
  • No aerosol mist sprayer gives you a prolonged spray in metered doses without propellant gases
  • 360 spray mist bottle: offers you 360-degree application of continuous spray in any direction
  • Mist spray bottle: use for hair, plants, pets care, auto detailing, cooling body, art sprayer


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