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10pcs DIY Magic Spiral Hair Curler


The Curlformers patented hair curling system is kind to your hair and produces long-lasting results. The Spiral Curls Styling Kit creates prerfectly defined, smooth, wide curls, without the need for heat, which can so often cause damage.

Curlformers are hair curlers which produce no heat curls, are easy to apply and can be used on every hair type, from frizzy to naturally curly to stubbornly straight.

Do you dream of having glamorous, Veronica Lake hair style? Using these  rollers & curlers is a simple way to lift up   your hair and full of beautiful curls & waves,  even if the hair you were born in straight.

You will roll your hair quickly and easily to achieve movie star like hair style. Easy and fast to change your hairstyle for urgent party and occasions Rapid hair rollers create curly sexy hair style in minutes Two sizes for your choice according to your hair length DIY at home and save money and time spending at the salon No chemical damage effect High temperature resistant and washable Leave hair still for 30 mins for the best result or use hair dryer.


  • Item specifics:
  • 100% and high quality
  • Color: Pink+Orange; Blue+Green
  • Size: 25cm (Length) (After scratched) x 2.5cm (Diameter)
  • Easy, quick and safe to create good curls.
  • Perfect for creating a gorgeous curl on and hair length.
  • No chemical damage any more to your hair.
  • 25cm*2.5cm & Short 15cm*2.5cm

How to use:

1 / Prepare Curlformer

  • Squeeze the end of the Curlformer
  • Thread the Styling Hook through the Curlformer
  • Position the Curlformer centrally so the hook and easy grip handle are exposed at either end

2 / Prepare hair

  • Separate hair and take a section approx 2cm width
  • Detangle and, if not already damp, mist with a fine water spray and a styling product if desired
  • Place the hair section into the crook of the pre-prepared Styling Hook
  • Ensure the Styling Hook faces upwards to keep the hair section in place

3 / Apply Curlformer

  • Gently push the end of the Curlformer towards your scalp and hold in position
  • Pull the Styling Hook back through the Curlformer to thread the hair through the Curlformer
  • Continue application until all hair sections are Curlformered
  • If a section of hair becomes tangled as you apply the Curlformer, simply reverse the direction of the hook to release the hair and reprepare the hair section by making sure it is properly combed through and well dampened

4 / Leave hair to dry

  • Leave your hair to dry naturally or use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to speed up the drying process
  • Curlformers can be left in overnight if desired
  • Make sure your hair is completely dry before removing
  • Remove by untwisting each Curlformer and gently sliding off each hair section


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